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Saree Draping Tool Software

This is Modeling software, any Saree Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Retailer wants to display their product on Online Stores or want to create a Catalogue for the same can use this Software. .

Draping can easily be done with the help of your sari at home with help of sari draping tool software

How to Run Saree draping tool software:

Step 1:Firstly, Open the software.
Step 2: then right side view choose the pose any.
Step 3.then, click the start button. so option view, then click the upload images there are three images uploaded compulsory,.
Step 4. so images uploaded it, click it start Process, then option again click ok. button, then click the next button.
Step 5.then, choose the Any Face then, click show images option..sometime process then complete it. then preview box image.
Step 6.then, Save images choose any folder then save it.
Step 7.Finish it.
See this Youtube Video for easy instructions: https://youtu.be/HWLxeuUVaRk
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